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              1. 中文版  |  English
                • SANKING Xiamen factory 10th anniversary celebration


                  During the ten years, we from simple selling to automated production, from a pipe to thousands of products.Through our uphold an…[Read]
                • Suzhou PCB Show 2013


                  Exhibition Name: Suzhou PCB Show 2013Time: 8th - 10th.May 2013Booth: BG22Looking forward to meeting with you in Suzhou PCB Show…[Read]
                • 16th FLOWEXPO 2013


                  Exhibition Name: 16TH FLOWEXPO 2013 - VALVES & PIPE FITTINGSTime: 15th - 17th. May, 2013Booth: 15.1 D23[Read]
                • AQUATECH CHINA 2013


                  Exhibition Name:AQUATECH SHANG HAI CHINA 2013Time:5th -7th June, 2013Booth:1.318Looking forward to meeting with you in AQUATECH SH…[Read]