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              1. 中文版  |  English

                About Us
                SANKING established in 1976 in Taiwan and has serviced for thermoplastic piping system more than 35 years....

                Electronic semiconductor
                With the widespread application of smart phones and other electronic smart wearable devices, the electronic semiconductor industry began a period of accelerated growth. In the process of etching, pickling, ultra-pure water preparation and transportation, industrial plastic piping system has become an indispensable prat...

                Water treatment
                Since the 18th CPC National Congress of the "strictest environmental protection law", China's requirements and standards for sewage treatment have been increasing. The higher and higher process standards and the demand for precise batch dosing have brought new market opportunities for corrosion resistant automatic pipeline system...

                Pharmaceuticals industry
                The rapid development of modern biomedical technology has a revolutionary impact on the pharmaceutical industry. With the rapid development of science and technology, pharmaceutical equipment plays an increasingly important role in the field of medicine, which plays a positive role in improving the purity and quality of medicine...

                Chemical industry
                The Chemical industry includes Petrochemicals, Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Polymers, Paints, Oleochemicals etc.. The development speed and scale of chemical industry has a direct impact on all sectors of social economy, especially in petrochemicals. E.g. Offshore drilling platform, the PVDF valve of SANKING fully reflects the advantages of corrosion...

                Construction industry
                The construction industry is an industry centering on the design, construction, decoration and management of buildings. In the field of construction, high temperature resistant plastic valve piping system is also widely used. SANKING's UPVC and CPVC pipelines meet drinking water standards and are suitable for drinking water and hot and cold water piping systems...

                Agriculture is the foundation of modern economic development, and the combination of high technology continues to develop. In the field of agriculture, the importance of valve pipeline is always reflected in irrigation system and pipeline transportation. Especially in modern scientific irrigation technology...

                SANKING is a professional Sinoforeign equity joint venture engaged in producing and distributing UPVC, CPVC, HT-CPVC and PP plastic rubber piping materials, valves and supporting piping pieces.

                Thermoplastic Valves
                Electric Actuator True Union Ball Valve、Pneumatic Actuator Butterfly Valve、Check Valve、Foot Valve、Butterfly Valve、Diaphragm Valve
                Thermoplastic Fittings
                Accessory、ASTM Schedule 80 Fittings、DIN PN16 FIttings、Clear PVC Fittings、PPH Fittings、Brass Inserted Fittings
                Thermoplastic Pipes
                Pipe (ASTM Schedule 80 and Schedule 40)、Pipe (DIN PN16)、Clear PVC Pipe、PPH Pipe
                • Flanged True Union Ball Valve

                  Plastic actuator body pass impaction & acid-base tests, also meets SGS...

                • Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve

                  Improved PP disc to enhance the performance;Thickened body & seal to extend the service life...

                • True Union Ball Valve

                  USA NSF approved & materials meet drinking water standard...

                • New Compact Ball Valve

                  Enhanced hermeticity;Smooth opening and closing thanks for a lower torque...

                • Handle Level Butterfly Valve

                  Improved PP disc to enhance the performance;Thickened body & seal to extend the service life...

                • True Union Swing Check Valve

                  New swing design and better stop water effect...

                • Foot Valve

                  New CUP shape ball can stop water by just 0.5kg pressure...

                • True Union Diaphragm Valve

                  Materials meet drinking water standard;Improved designs and performance...